Steam Controller Review

The steam controller was nothing but trouble for me. When I first tried it out with a few games it hardly worked, the controls I bound often overlapped during gameplay with what the default controls were, and trying to choose a community setting never worked either. The second thing I noticed was how weird it sounded from the haptic feedback; now this probably won't be a complaint for most, but I just found it odd how whenever you moved your thumb on the trackpad it sounded like a dying hard drive.

I didn't want to stop there and say I didn't like it so soon, though, so I continued using it with more games the next couple of days. Any FPS that was not made with controller support worked HORRIBLY. While the frame rate for the game itself stayed steady, looking around seemed to lag, when trying to look around, the camera seemed to move at around 4 frames per second, while everything actually happening is running smoothly.

About 3 games out of the ~20 that I tried worked well with the steam controller, but even then my hands were very sore after about ten minutes of using it, because these games only used the analog stick and buttons, and trying to re map the controls ended up layering the buttons (For example, if the default for A was jump, but i wanted it to shoot, it would do both).

I do not recommend the steam controller for these reasons, and I had returned it a little more than a week after I got it.

The Steam Controller gets my candyShark rating of 3/10 Candies.

Not hot. :(

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