quadrant Review

quadrant is a rhythm based arcade game with a difficulty and visual style similar to that of Super Hexagon. The premise is simple. You press the W, D, O, and K keys in conjunction to whichever corner of the screen the square is currently in, which changes on every beat, the square within this square will show you where the outer square will appear next, so you will be able to press the key in time. It may sound simple, but besides relying on your quick reactions in order to press a specific key each beat, you also must be able to keep your rhythm when all sorts of flashy visual effects appear on the screen.

Pretty fun concept, but if you press the wrong key your combo will immediately be reset to 0, and in order to improve your score for that round, you must build up your combo to pass the score, as your score is simply your highest combo. This makes it difficult to improve your score if you've already gotten through around half of a song. This is where I believe quadrant meets its largest downside, because if you can't improve your score after missing a beat past half of the song, you might as well start over.

Overall, I enjoy quadrant, but it's arcade like difficulty and flashing effects are not for everyone. It's fun and difficult, and even with the odd scoring system it was still fun to play.

This game gets 6/10 Candies.


2016 CandyShark • 2016