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Do you think its better to purchase a new 3ds with the amiibo reader built in? Or to keep the old one and go with the external reader? I worry because eventually the old 3ds may not play all games well... what do you think? This is a good question! And a complex one at that, and I think it all boils down to personal preference. If you enjoy the 3D, I highly suggest switching to the New 3DS, you don't need to hold it in that "Sweet Spot" in order to see it properly. As for the amiibo reader, that depends if you play games that have that functionality, have a few amiibos, and actually enjoy the added gameplay. There also haven't been too many exclusive games for it just yet, but having the extra functionality of the camera nub is nice. Personally, I think the best part of the New 3DS is the speed, it loads, quits, downloads, EVERYTHING much faster! I had never really considered it before when I used the old one, but in comparison this one is much quicker. I can't say for sure if there will be many more exclusives, but there are already a lot of games for the 3DS in general, not needing the new one. I hope this helps, it really comes down to if these are features you care about. If so, it might be for you! If not, stick with the one you have. 3/23/2016
What kinds of games are you planning on reviewing? Any browser games?Currently I've been playing indie games on Steam and Nintendo games on the Wii U and 3DS that I plan to review. I'll also review some browser games in the future! 3/22/2016
May I use the the wallpapers you make on your website for my website?Absolutely! As long as you credit me, with a link to my site! 3/22/2016

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